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January 2011
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10 Questions to ask yourself before buying a Resort Property

With over 1,300 condos, townhomes, half duplexes and single family homes on the market in Summit County Colorado, the choices seem overwhelming. When you narrow down the things you would like in a property it’s a much different story, and there may not be many options.
1. One of your first choices will be the type of property. Would you like a home owners association that will take care of the outside maintenance?

The Gore Range on my way into work

2. How do you plan on using the home, will you be driving up on Friday night ready for a day of skiing on Saturday. With a home owners association (HOA) the walks and parking areas should be clear of snow, you can just walk in your unit and relax.
3. Is a clubhouse with hot tub and/or pool important to you?
4. A security check may help with peace of mind. With a condo, the HOA may provide security checks making sure the heat is on and working on our cold days. With a single family home you will responsible for keeping up the maintenance yourself, hiring someone to plow the snow, etc.
5. Do you want to pay association dues? You will have to be going the upkeep yourself, but if you would like more privacy a single family home may be the way to go.
6. Where should you buy? Do you want to be at the slopes, in town, near Lake Dillon? To me what you like to do determines the location you would like best. If you are into hiking, Wildernest may be the perfect neighborhood because you can walk right out your door and hit the trails. Into shopping? Then in town in Frisco or Breckenridge may be the spot. Biking? Silverthorne and Dillon or any of the towns and neighborhoods in the valleys. Boating? Heeney, Frisco and Dillon have Marinas.
7. Other “amenities”? A couple items in the property that will really narrow down the selection is a garage and washer and dryer in the unit. You would be surprised how many properties don’t have garages, considering how long our winters are. Most of the condos were built with the weekend guest in mind. There is probably a coin operated washer and dryer in the building, but one in the unit isn’t that common.
8. When you aren’t using the property yourself will you rent it out? That would be something to consider when thinking about location. In the winter condos near the ski slopes rent best. Though my theory has always been if you pick a property you like for yourself, you can find a renter who would like it for the same reasons.
9. What is most important? There are lots of things to think about. Prioritizing will help. Is a hot tub that important or would the rec center in Silverthorne or Breckenridge do. Is access to a washer and dryer down the hall OK, or do you need one in the unit?
10. Price? That will be a big factor. Part of my job is to help you answer those questions and figure out what you want. Give me a call 800-571-1091 or send me an email I can help you with the options in Summit County.