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Real Estate in Summit County

When you are thinking of buying real estate, no matter where, there are several factors to consider.

  * How are you going to use the property? Are you looking for a condominium that could be rented out to skiers part of the time? Are pets allowed? Is the home owners association in good shape? If it is a cabin or land you hope to someday build on, does it need winter access, electricity, city water and sewer? Plus a lot more.

  * One major consideration is who is going to help you find the right property. Through the Internet you have several sources to see what is for sale, but just looking at a picture won’t answer all of your questions. In Summit County there are over 500 Realtors, you have many to choose from. This is what your Realtor should do:

  * Find out what you like to do and how you want to use the property.

  * Point out things to consider, such as, will you use a property management company to rent out your unit.

  * From what is available pick out the best properties that would suit your needs.

  * Help you find a lender which will loan on Summit County properties.

  * Continue to guide and help you through the inspection of the property, the title work, and anything else that might come up including the closing.

This is what Keats does with honesty, proficiency and competence.
Keats can sell anything in Summit County, it doesn’t have to be a listing of Colorado Dreams Broker.

Keats’ Current Listings

Condominiums in Summit County This is a list of the complexes with picture, year built, number of units and comments, no prices because there are so many variables. To find out prices just send an email to Keats, or your can search what is currently for sale from my web site.

Blog with Market Information

Investment Worksheet

Property Tax Information

Summit County Disclosure

Before I show you property as a transaction-broker

Hints for buying a vacation home in Summit County

Hints for buying vacant land in Summit County

What is a CRS?

Summit County Property Management Companies

History of Summit County Real Estate Sales PDF file

Sales by Area and Type of Property PDF file

Charts showing number of listings compared to sales

1031 Exchange Information Site

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