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Heeney was started as housing for workers who built Green Mountain Dam in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The community naturally became a resort because of the lake activities. One old timer said the reason he bought in Heeney was because he saw a woman carrying a washtub full of fish up from the reservoir.

In 1990 Inell Harvey a long time Heeney resident wrote up a paper "The Saga of Heeney, Colorado"

Heeney has never been incorporated, so Summit County rules apply. The roads are plowed by the county. The kids actually go to West Grand County schools. Septics are needed for sewage, the area near the Green Mountain Inn has a spring fed water system serviced by the Heeney Water District, other areas have private wells.

More than once in the history of Heeney it has looked like it was verge of discovery, now those who have found it, don’t want it to be discovered by any one else. The full time population is around 130, most of the increase has been in the last five years. In the last few years several new big homes have been built, most of them are owned by second home owners. Approximately 80% of the homes are summer cabins, owned by people from the Denver area. Several of the retired owners spend the winter in Arizona or Nevada and the summers in Heeney.

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