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Web Hints For Buying Vacant Land In The Mountains.

1. When buying vacant land: WATER: Is the water via city/community system or a well? If city/community system, there will be a tap fee, if not already paid, plus other expenses (such as meters, pipes, etc.) You will be charged for your usage. If a well is needed you will need to drill a well. The well will most likely be in the house use only. The depth of the well will vary from one area to another.

2. When buying vacant land: SEWER: Is there a community sewer system or will you have to put in a septic? If a sewer system, you will have to pay to hook up, the rate will be determined on the number of bedrooms, baths, hot tubs, etc. With sewer you will be charged for your usage. If a septic is needed, you will want to make sure the land can handle the system you want for your house. Getting a "perk test done before you close on the lot is a good idea, it can be one of the contingencies in the purchase agreement. A "perk test" needs to be done before winter, holes are dug to see how the land absorbs the water. This will make sure the lot can handle the number of bedrooms you require in your home. 

3. Vacant land considerations: GAS: Many areas do have natural gas supplied through Public Service. There is a tap fee to hook up to natural gas. When natural gas is not available many people elect to use propane gas which is delivered to the home.

4. Vacant land considerations: ELECTRICITY: Is electricity already run to the lot? Even if it is in the street there will be a charge to hook on. If electricity is not in the street then you will have to pay to have it brought into your property. You will want to know that expense.

5. Vacant land considerations: Road Maintenance: In many areas the county or the city plows the snow and maintains the roads. Some neighborhoods have their own metro district set up. Other areas such as Government Small Tracts and Blue Valley Acres #1 do not include maintaining the roads, so you would have to figure on doing or arranging for the snow plowing yourself.

6. Vacant land considerations: Zoning: Make sure what you want to build is allowed. Normally if the zoning allows for a duplex it would be OK to build just one house on the property. Some neighborhoods have protective covenants too, that might limit fences, pets, etc. There also will be "set backs" that is minimum distance from the lot lines to the structure. You will want to make sure you can live with the rules.

7. Vacant land considerations: Survey: It is a good idea to have a survey of the property with the corners staked. The cost of the survey is an item that can be negotiated in the purchase agreement. Prices for the survey will be $500.00 and up.

8. Vacant land considerations: Association Dues: A few neighborhoods do have associations dues. This is normally a flat fee for the year which could cover the open space for the neighborhood or perhaps just the annual block party.


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