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Taxes In Summit County

Colorado law requires a two-year reassessment cycle for all real property. The 2013 -2014 current residential assessment rate is 9.13% (this is determined by the state legislature), vacant land is generally assessed around 29%.

The tax rates which determine your property tax bill are set by the tax levying boards of the county, schools, towns, and special districts. The time to discuss the budgets and tax rates requested by them is during the fall of the year at their budget hearings.

After the tax rates are received by the assessor's office, it is the duty of the Assessor to extend the taxes upon property as assessed and then certify and deliver the tax roll to the County Treasurer for collection according to law.

Residential property taxes are calculated based on 9.13% of appraised valuation. That amount is multiplied by each particular jurisdiction's tax rate to determine annual property taxes.

Approximate Propety Tax on a $500,000 home in Dillon:

9.13% of 500,000 = $45,650
$45,650 x .03351 (mil levy for residences in the town of Dillon) = $1,530

Just to give you an example of the property taxes in different areas:

Property Tax on a $450,000 duplex in Wildernest = $1,858
Property Tax on a $689,000 single family home in Silverthorne = $2,340
Property Tax on a $335,000 condo in Keystone = $1,375
Property Tax on a $130,000 condo in Dillon Valley = $366
Property Tax on a $265,000 condo in Copper Mountain = $869
Property Tax on a $1,699,000 single family Home in Breckenridge = $4,507

The Summit County Government web site has more info at Summit County Assessor



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