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Colorado Dreams
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Keats works with Buyers and Sellers as a Transaction-Broker.

This is what it means to you:

Brokerage Services and Duties. Brokerage Firm, acting through Broker, shall provide brokerage services to Buyer. Broker will make reasonable efforts to locate the Property, and to assist the parties in complying with the terms and conditions of any contract to Purchase the Property, including closing the transaction.

a. Broker will exercise reasonable skill and care for Buyer, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Presenting all offers and counteroffers to and from Buyer in a timely manner, regardless of whether Buyer is already a party to a contract to Purchase Property;
2. Disclosing to Buyer any adverse material facts actually known to Broker, including but not limited to adverse material facts pertaining to the title, the physical condition of the Property, any defects in the Property, and any environmental hazards affecting the Property required by law to be disclosed;
3. Advising Buyer regarding the transaction and suggesting Buyer obtain expert advice as to material matters about which Broker knows but the specifics of which are beyond the expertise of Broker;
4. Accounting in a timely manner for all money, property and things of value received;
5. Keeping Buyer and Seller fully informed regarding the transaction.

b. Broker shall not disclose to the Seller or any other third party, without the informed consent of Buyer:

1. That Buyer is willing to pay more than the purchase price for the Property;
2. What Buyer's motivating factor(s) are;
3. That Buyer will agree to financing terms other that those offered;
4. Any material information about Buyer unless disclosure is required by law or failure to disclose such information would constitute fraud or dishonest dealing; and
5. Any facts or suspicions regarding circumstances which would psychologically impact or stigmatize the Property.

c. Buyer shall not be vicariously liable for the acts of Broker that are not approved, directed or ratified by Buyer.

d. Broker has no duty to conduct an independent inspection of the Property for the benefit of Buyer and has no duty to independently verify the accuracy or completeness of statements made by the Seller or independent inspectors. Broker has no duty to conduct an independent investigation of Buyer's financial condition or to verify the accuracy or completeness of any statement made by Buyer.

e. Broker shall disclose to any prospective Seller all adverse material facts actually known by Broker, including but not limited to adverse material facts concerning Buyer's financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction and whether Buyer intends to occupy the Property as a principal residence.

f. In-Company Transactions - Different Brokers. When the Seller and Buyer in a transaction are working with different brokers, those brokers continue to conduct themselves consistent with the brokerage relationships they have established with their respective clients. Buyer acknowledges that Brokerage Firm is allowed to offer and pay compensation to brokers within Brokerage Firm working with a Seller.

g. In-Company Transactions - One Broker. If the Seller and Buyer are working with the same Broker, Broker shall continue to function as a Transaction-Broker.

Here is a copy of the Colorado Real Estate Commission form.

Prepared and maintained by
Keats Ann Scott
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